Ulanda Vadai

  • Urad Dal must be soaked for about 3-4 hrs
  • Mix with very little water (as it affects the vadai consistency) in a blender or wet grinder and grind well urad dal
  • Take the wet batter out and add the ingredients above
  • mix it well
  • Pour oil in a deep pan and let it heat up test with a drop of batter if zings then it is ready ( medium to high heat preferred)
  • You can use your hand and take out a handful and shape it round your palm and before placing it in the pan make a hole in middle
  • Drop it in the pan. According to the size of the pan you can make and drop as many as possible
  • Once it turns almost golden brown turn it
  • Take them out when the golden brown and place them on a paper towel lined plate
  • It is better served with coconut chutney. Some like sambar as well. You can soak them in sambar or curd to make it sambar vadai or thayir vadai.

I like a video of vadai making in You Tube by ShowMeTheCurry; You may also enjoy and benefit the process is very similar to mine:

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