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Madurai Fried Rice


Basmati Rice
4 Cups
8 Cups
Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves    
6 pieces together
Green chilies    
6 med. pieces
1 Cups
Ginger/Garlic paste
1 Tablespoons
1 Tablespoons

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Tamil Recipes Madurai Fried Rice. I recommend Basmati as it brings out the aroma and flavor of any especially plain Fried rice. You can smell the Fried rice even before it's done depending upon a variety of important factors.

I do not recommend vegetables for plain Fried rice which should be eaten with all kinds (veg or non-veg) of gravy. But if you insist you can use peas, carrots, chunks of potatoes or green beans. Most Fried rice we taste are bland. It even begs the question, "What is it made of ?". So go ahead and let all the parts contribute to the whole Fried rice flavor!

Quality Give careful attention to the cooking time and amount of water. These important factors will help you turn out the best Fried rice in town. Enjoy and serve my special Fried rice recipe!